PRIMUS, a New Biofidelic Dummy, is Almost Lifelike

A range of “intelligent” biofidelic dummies are now available following the collaboration between specialist CTS and Kistler Group instrumentation experts. 

Positions for the in-dummy sensors from Kistler include the head, chest area and hip. A LAN cable allows readout from the miniature data logger positioned in the chest area. Image Credit: Kistler Group

This new combination of PRIMUS dummies from CTS and Kistler high-precision measurement technology extends the test capability from road traffic accident (RTA) investigation to product development, operational training and modelling and reconstruction. Now being marketed through the Kistler Group's global sales network, the Primus biofidelic dummy is available with the option of individual in-body measurement technology and sensor instrumentation.

The bones, ligaments and joints are closely modelled on those of humans as is the weight distribution, skin and skeletal structure making PRIMUS an ideal solution for a wide range of test applications including impact testing in real time.

PRIMUS can be used for highly accurate reconstruction of accidents, not only in the automotive sector but also in other areas from aviation to safety engineering and from product testing to recovery exercises for rescue services. In the military sector, PRIMUS is ideal for the realistic simulation of the effects of explosive devices and projectiles on personnel in military vehicles and the performance of personal protection equipment. In the industrial & leisure sectors, PRIMUS can make a valuable contribution to the realistic testing of safety and protection equipment such as safety harnesses, hard hats and specialised protective clothing.

During operation, PRIMUS behaves like an unconscious person in both standing and sitting positions with no need for further modifications. Equipped with Kistler in-body measurement technology, PRIMUS delivers precise measurement and real damage data for highly accurate and dependable test results.

Integrated data acquisition – made to measure

The collaboration between CTS and Kistler has created a highly versatile solution that meets the most demanding requirements. Force, acceleration, pressure and displacement digital sensor technology from Kistler can be fully integrated into PRIMUS, without influencing performance, allowing autonomous data acquisition with just a single cable to the miniature data logger installed in the chest area.

Developed in cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.

The developers focused particular attention on the structural design and the materials used in order to reproduce the effects of shock and pressure loads on the human body as realistically as possible. In other words, Primus is designed to be to be broken, crushed, stabbed and generally mistreated in crash reconstruction, road traffic accident investigations and other similar situations but also to be repairable and reusable.

Customized design to suit the purpose of use

Flexibility in both the production of the biofidelic dummies and equipping them with high-end measurement technology means that the new PRIMUS offers custom solutions to meet the very highest standards. PRIMUS represents an enormous step forward in the simulation of the effects of trauma on the human body and beyond.


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