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Teledyne Announces New Fast, Sensitive, and Versatile Scientific CMOS Camera for Microscopy

Teledyne’s Scientific Imaging group, part of Teledyne Technologies [NYSE: TDY], is pleased to announce its new Kinetix22 scientific CMOS camera which delivers an unmatched combination of speed, sensitivity, low noise, and resolution. Built on the success of Teledyne Photometrics’ industry-defining Kinetix, Prime 95B and Prime BSI back-illuminated sCMOS cameras, the Kinetix22 supports the most demanding high-speed and low noise scientific imaging applications.

Teledyne new CMOS camera

Image Credit: Teledyne Technologies

Providing  a 22-millimeter sensor field of view, frame rates of up to 498 fps, a high 95% quantum efficiency, and sub-electron noise levels,  the Kinetix22 is the most versatile and powerful camera available for scientific applications and techniques such as Spinning Disc Confocal imaging and Light Sheet microscopy. With an optimized 5.7-megapixel senor array the new camera expands the possibilities for devices using optical paths common to many preexisting microscopes and imaging systems.

“Scientists have been asking for faster, more sensitive, lower noise cameras since digital imaging began. Now with the Kinetix and Kinetix22 they can use the same camera for difficult detection experiments such as single molecule tracking or imaging voltage changes in neurons, and capture all the spatial data their optical system provides,” notes Dr. Phil Allen, product manager for Teledyne’s Scientific Imaging group.

Visit the Kinetix22 sCMOS camera web page for additional information.

About Teledyne

Teledyne’s imaging businesses form an unrivalled collective of expertise across the spectrum with decades of experience. Individually, each company offers best-in-class solutions. Together, they combine and leverage each other’s strengths to provide the widest imaging and related technology portfolio in the world. From aerospace through industrial inspection, scientific research, spectroscopy, radiography and radiotherapy, geospatial surveying, and advanced MEMS and semiconductor solutions, Teledyne offers world-wide customer support and the technical expertise to handle the toughest tasks. Their tools, technologies, and vision solutions are built to deliver to their customers a unique and competitive advantage.

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