Barco’s DPM-3 Computing Solutions to Serve Military Missions

Barco has released a novel DPM-3 robust computer, along with its  MR sequence recorders for audio as well as video recording at the  Association of the U.S. Army’s (AUSA) annual conference in Washington.

The company’s DPM-3 computing system and MR mission recorders are robust devices with MIL certification.

The DPM-3 system is widely exploited in real-time missions and in compact areas of the helicopter, utility vehicle or terrain army vehicle. The condensed DPM-3 and MR mission recorder series are advancements of the earlier robust devices that have been deployed for military applications.

Ron Farine, Duluth-based Barco Federal Systems’ vice president of sales, explained that the DPM-3 device  is an enhancement of the previous, huge Barco systems and its recent constrained size advancement has satisfied the Army's demand towards lowering the size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) he adds.

The DPM-3’ open configuration helps linking various sensing devices into it. The computer is capable of performing improved video processing covering image warping, image fusion and motion identification and delivers intense resolution video streaming operation for increasing conditional awareness.

The MR-100-E recorders from Barco are deployed for  naval purposes and the MR-200-E is exploited in terrain as well as in aerial applications. Both the recorders are highly specific in their  functions by their  storage, processing, retrieving performance and  maintaining numerous video and audio information.

According to Johan Devos and Patrick Sauvaget, product managers at Barco, data recording has a significant part in many vital purposes and mission applications and it can be widely deployed in incident inspection, military mission debriefing and system training.


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