Wireless Sensor Grids to Facilitate Crop Production

WiFi or internet hot spots are now being deployed in American farms, according to U.S. scientists. Texas A&M University scientists mention that wire-free technology is rapidly being utilized in farms to facilitate better crop production, provide more financial benefit to the farmers and supply an excellent product in the stores for clients, stated a university publication.

Lee Tarpley, AgriLife Research plant physiologist, at Texas, commented that they are developing a technology, which utilizes wire-free sensing for rice production and that the technology will be advantageous for the Texas rice producers. He explained that by employing this sensor technology they will be capable of attaining constant evaluation of the soil moisture and temperature conditions in the field and they can gather the sensor’s information from an internal computer source. With wide commercial accession of wireless sensing grids farmers can take crop management decisions easily, he added.

Typical sensing grids using cables cannot be deployed for this purpose, since the wide integration of cables in the field will be expensive, according to Tarpley.

Source: http://www.tamu.edu

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