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Innovative Wireless EcoSensors from Bean Air

BeanAir, a France-based producer of intelligent plug and play wire-free sensing networks, has launched an innovative intense-light, economical robust device, called the SUN TIR, for monitoring temperature, based on an advanced infrared technology.

This eco-friendly sensing device can be deployed in isolated areas, remote zones, extreme conditions and in technical building control systems. The environmental friendly nature and its ultra-small configuration make it non-invasive and power efficient.

This unique wire-free sensor is the primary sensor in its novel series systems and surpasses the mechanical switches that use magnetic motion for its circuit stimulation. The plug and play functionality in conjunction with its simple connection circuitry makes it user-friendly and can be operated even by non-technical persons. The sensor is ideal for electrical solutions, solar panel monitoring, railways, food industry, metallurgy and many other applications.

BeanAir supplies wire-free sensing units for static force, temperature and tilt calibrations and dynamic strain gauge and accelerometer measurements and can even be deployed in hazardous conditions, with great reliability.


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