Digital Health Company AccYouRate Leverages Smart T-Shirts to Redefine Sports in Albania

AccYouRate, a leading European digital health innovator specializing in smart wearable solutions based on proprietary technology, has secured a project through a successful bid with the Albanian National Olympic Committee (ANOC). As part of the collaboration, AccYouRate's cutting-edge smart T-shirt will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing methodologies to support the introduction and training of young Albanian athletes in basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

AccYouRate's smart T-shirt - Model-2. Image Credit: AccYouRate

The primary goal is to encourage continuous sports practice for the betterment of health, social inclusion, and education among the young Albanian population. ANOC's visionary "School Sports Teams" project aims to engage 10,000 young individuals in volleyball and basketball sports teams across 61 cities in Albania. Under this initiative, approximately 700 basketball and volleyball teams have been established for both boys and girls in pre-university and university education.

Mr. Fidel Ylli, President of ANOC, stated, "Albanian sport reflects our nation's transition towards a modernized future. In this regard, ANOC intends to develop innovative methodologies that create positive impacts on the relationship between sports, health, and the overall well-being of Albanian citizens, particularly the younger generations."

AccYouRate Sports Sector Solutions will be instrumental in ANOC's pursuit of personalized performance and health analysis for young Albanian athletes. This initiative aims to ensure their safety during sports activities and enhance their overall quality of life and athletic abilities. AccYouRate is partnering with Engineering Group, a leading Italian digital solutions provider, and the Faculty of Life Science at the University of Bologna to implement a new analysis and profiling model.

This model will evaluate individual athletes using innovative algorithms, enhancing real-time measurement of bio-vital parameters within a statistical-descriptive framework. The objective is to support coaches, athletic trainers, doctors, and families in making informed decisions that maximize individual well-being while maintaining a balance between health and sports.

This partnership will not only advance the athletic and competitive skills of young Albanian athletes but also facilitate the development of predictive and personalized health-related models. These models will enable more effective healthcare strategies and optimize public spending by Albanian healthcare authorities and organizations.

With AccYouRate's cutting-edge smart T-shirt wearable technology, individual and team performances will be remotely monitored, ushering in a new era of dynamic sports analytics tailored for young athletes. Another crucial aspect of the project is the use of combined analysis methods to identify young talents early on, ensuring the recruitment of competitive athletes while adhering to ethical and public health standards.

AccYouRate's breakthrough smart T-shirt offers continuous real-time monitoring of vital body signals. This 100% textile shirt integrates e-textile technology and conductive polymeric sensors, supported by AI, big data, and a 5G-based central unit. It effortlessly monitors and transmits bio-signals to a cloud platform housing a comprehensive biomedical database. The smart T-shirt provides real-time online monitoring of seven vital signals, including ECG, heart rate, breathing pattern and depth, body temperature, motion, GPS, and body position for fall alerts. AccYouRate's technology has received medical certification and validation from renowned universities in Italy and Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

Dr. Amir Toren, a board member and executive director at AccYouRate, commented, "The new monitoring protocol we're developing with the University of Bologna and ANOC goes beyond enhancing athletic performance. We aim to foster a healthier, more health-conscious generation that understands the value of physical and mental well-being through active participation."

The new collaboration is inspired by the successful technology framework previously adopted in Italy, championed by the Italian Red Cross Association. The Red Cross has prioritized health prevention and promotion, particularly among young and vulnerable segments of the population. Their initiatives have shifted the focus from centralized healthcare to empowering individuals to make informed choices that promote well-being.

The partnership with Engineering Group will provide ANOC with a comprehensive data infrastructure covering competitive, selective, training, and medical-sports decisions across user, team, discipline, territory, and generational range. The ultimate aim is to create a "digital twins" architecture for predictive health assessments, a tool that could prove invaluable for future health policies.

AccYouRate Group S.p.A was established in 2019 and headed by Mr. Arnaldo Usai. In February 2023, Sweden-based Crown Energy entered into an agreement for the acquisition of 85% of the shares in SmarTee, the parent holding company of AccYouRate Group S.p.A. The company today employs 20 people and operates from headquarters and production facilities in L’Aquila and Bologna.

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