Record-Setting Performance of Transmit Metalenses

NIL Technology (NILT), a leader in advanced optical solutions, is announcing a portfolio of metalens-based transmit-optics with record-setting performance. The portfolio includes two-in-one dot projectors, diffusers, polarization-sensitive optics, and application-specific solutions. All the transmit optics announced consist of a single nano-structured surface and work with non-collimated light sources.

The image shows the projected dot pattern from a single meta-surface that collimates the light and projects the dot patterns. The field of illumination is 70°x70° with 3x5 tiling. Image Credit: NIL Technology

Applications that benefit from this innovation include automotive driver monitoring systems, short-distance Lidar, 3D sensing (iTOF and dTOF), biometrics, face recognition, and autonomous vehicle safety and navigation.

The metalens-based dot-projectors consist of a single surface that collimates the light and projects the dot patterns. Delivering the functionality with a single surface enables compact dot-projector modules. The dot-projectors have more than 70% efficiency and less than 10% dot-uniformity-error. The metalens-based diffusers offer a wide field of illumination while delivering high efficiency and pronounced batwings at higher illumination angles. The diffusers are notable in the absence of a 0th-order transmission peak.

The polarization-sensitive optics enable applications to leverage the emerging VCSELs with polarization control. Furthermore, the meta optics platform can be customized for application-specific illumination profiles.

"NILT's has consistently reported the highest transmission efficiencies for metalenses.Our sophisticated design tools and vertically-integrated manufacturing means ourcustomers get the highest performance in the "as-build" parts," said Dr. Ulrich Quaade– Head of Optics at NIL Technology.

NILT's transmit-optics metalenses are customizable, and parameters such as the fieldof illumination, batwing heights, the dot spacing, and tiling in the dot pattern can bedesigned specifically to customers' requirements.

Metalenses Offer a Host of Advantages Over Conventional Refractive Lenses

Metalenses, the revolutionary flat lens technology, offers significantadvantages over conventional refractive lenses. In narrowband applications,such as VCSEL-illuminated applications, one metalens can replace 6 to 8refractive surfaces, leading to ultra-compact modules that are also simpler toassemble. Metalenses can deliver multiple functionalities from a single meta-surface, such as collimation and dot generation, leading to simpler modulesand higher assembly yield. In near-infrared, the metalenses are constructedusing silicon-on-glass, which delivers thermal stability 100 times better thanplastic lenses.

Metalens technology brings the precision and process control of lithographictechniques to optics, delivering superior tolerance control resulting in minimalpart-to-part variation in mass production.

Vertical Integration Delivers Higher Performance and Faster Time to Market

NILT's vertical integration delivers fast turnaround times for prototypes, customizedsolutions to meet customers' exact needs, and mass production capacity.

Our solutions are powered by our in-house proprietary design algorithms, uniquemastering capabilities, and wafer-level replication processes. The vertical integrationenables rapid prototyping, which helps our customers quickly find the technology-product fit while eliminating the need to work with the CMOS fab processing eco-system. NILT can deliver prototype parts in 8 weeks and rapidly iterate with ourcustomers to meet the exacting demands of any application. We deliver the prototypeparts from our facilities in Europe and our mass-production parts from our factory inMalaysia.

Vertical integration also means our designs are inherently designed for massproduction, considering the mastering and nano-replication processes. Our electronbeam lithography mastering and in-house wafer-based processing deliver consistent"as-built" part performance, leading to higher application-level performance.

"NILT is your one-stop-shop for all your meta optics needs. Our versatile metalenstechnology can be customized to the application's specific needs. We controleverything in-house, from design to product shipment, and can deliver products toour customers' specifications quickly. Additionally, NILT's fabrication services can takeyour design, prototype it, and mass produce It." says Theodor Nielsen, CEO, andfounder of NILT.


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