DOE Fan-Out with Record-High Efficiency Demonstrated by NIL Technology

NIL Technology (NILT), a leader in modern optical solutions, announces results with the unique performance of diffractive optical elements (DOE). NILT has designed, built, and characterized multiple DOE fan-outs with 94% absolute efficiency - a result never released before.

It has been a longstanding belief that DOEs have limitations because they lack efficiency compared to other optical solutions. NILT can now share the ground-breaking result of designing and manufacturing a high uniformity NIR DOE fan-out with 94% absolute* field of illumination (FOI) efficiency. The result demonstrates the exceptional efficiency of diffractive optics and proves that DOEs from NILT outperform existing solutions.

NILT DOE fan-outs are ideal for 3D sensing, LiDAR, and machine vision applications targeting consumer electronics, industrial, IoT, medical and automotive markets. They are particularly well suited for industries where excellent performance, superior light control, lightweight and compact design are required. NILT DOEs generate higher accuracy, longer range, and lower power consumption in end-products.

NILT's combination of proprietary in-house design algorithms with in-house nano-scale wafer-level optics replication technology allows for the design of fan-out dot projectors with record-high absolute efficiency. Additionally, a wide field of view and high dot uniformity are achieved. This makes the demonstrated fan-out dot projectors the most advanced products on the market.

DOE fan-outs with unmatched efficiency

"NILT DOE fan-outs have an efficiency that is incomparable to other solutions in the market. Combined with a wide field of view and a low non-uniformity error, we can present DOEs that are simply one of a kind," says Ulrich Quaade, Head of Optics at NILT.

“Our long-time history in high-precision nanostructuring using our mastering technology and nano replication has given us a unique platform to realize optical designs in a mass production setup that has not been feasible until now. We control everything in-house, from design to shipment of the products, and can design optical solutions that meet our customer specifications,” says Theodor Nielsen, CEO and founder of NILT.

Customer-specified mass production

DOE fan-outs from NILT are ready to be delivered and mass-produced to customers' specifications. The DOE is made with a polymer-on-glass system that is qualified to meet standard reflow and reliability requirements.

NILT can design a single DOE for fan-out applications that achieves the required optical function. NILT can also develop and produce multi-stacked DOE components when needed. In addition, NILT can customize the DOE for wavelengths in VIS, NIR, and SWIR bands.

Technical specifications including measured efficiency and non-uniformity error can be found on:

* Efficiency. The absolute efficiency is defined as the sum of the intensity in the orders of interest divided by the intensity of the incident illumination.


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