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Microcontroller Chip with Programmable Amplifiers

Maxim has developed the SoC class of microcontroller chip called the MAXQ7670A, featuring in-built automated gain amplifiers for capturing feeble and strong differential analog signals from anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) sensors.

This device with 12-bit capacity measures microvolt range. The AMR sensors are conventionally employed for contact-free sensing of angular or linear displacement in industrial or automotive applications.

The 5mm x 5mm foot print measuring capability of the devise is widely utilized in automobiles for braking, steering, and throttle-position control applications, and also in industrial control applications for executing shaft rotation and valve positioning. The16-bit on-chip RISC MAXQ core and integrated CAN bus controller permits live data processing for intelligent sensing grids.

The MAXQ7670A is equipped with eight single-ended or four differential inputs, with a programmable-gain differential amplifier (1x or 6x) and 12-bit resolution-enabled 125ksps ADC. The devise measures supply-rail voltage, responding to power-failure situations, and includes a watchdog timer for secure functioning. The digital connections encompass a CAN 2.0B controller, SPI as well as JTAG connection, and seven basic-purpose I/Os. The general-operative timer exhibits capturing, comparing, and PWM potentiality.

The MAXQ7670A features 2KB of SRAM for information and 64KB automotive-standard flash memory. The in-system programming is enabled by an integrated 8KB utility ROM for use in field updates. The illegal authorization to the flash memory is protected using a hardware password support.


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