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Handy Optical Density Sensors Aid Scientific Research

BugLab has launched a handy sensor for calculating optical density (OD). This novel device can directly quantify the components of a container through its walls without opening the container. This process helps reducing the exposure or decreases the chances of contamination to the contents in the container.

The device eliminates opening the container and also eliminates the sampling and dilution process for avoiding the imprecision related to this practice.

This scanner can be utilized precisely with vessels ranging from 125 mL to 2000 mL, and manufactured out of polycarbonate, glass, or polyethylene terephthalate. This device detects even minute volumes of fluid with a minimum of 1 cm of fluid and logs about one thousand calibrtaions for further download. The readings are provided with time track and calibration number for easy usage.

A test has been conducted with this OD scanner to quantify the microorganisms, such as animal cell culture, E. coli, and yeast contained in a closed container. Precise results were obtained and the methodology was found to be successful by the examiners. This OD scanning methodology can be widely deployed in biofuels, biopharmaceutical, industrial and academic microbiological research and manufacturing applications.

The company’s research is focused on the expansion of non-intrusive methods for carrying out various evaluations in scientific research areas.


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