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Apple Advances Touch Sensor Enabled Handy Electronic Devices for Personalized Applications

Apple has applied for a patent for its innovative handy equipments featuring multi-touch sensor spots.

Toch sening units in electronic devices

The synopsis of the innovation explains that the touch experiencing devices can be chosen from the touch screens, touch panels or from the touch sensitive casings.

According to Apple, in one form, the development pertains to a handy electronic device with two touch sensors, each integrated independently on different positions on the device’s surface whereas in another manifestation, the handy device has a casing with a display assigned on the anterior side of the casing.

The patent states that the innovative device consists of a touch sensor which is positioned on the next side of the casing, the side which is exactly opposite to the first side of the housing.

The patent file defines that the touch-sensing units are designed furnishing the mode and trait options and the embodiment also details that the device is fabricated with a sensor positioned beneath the external surface of the casing for determining the existence of objects present on any surface in the casing.

Apple is also planning to distribute the touch sensing units through out the casing of iPods, iPhones or iPads. According to the details depicted from the filing, iPad is thought to be the first device with embedded sensors likely to be released from Apple.

The handy device works by identifying whether the user is operating the device and also by detecting the person using the device by sensing the person’s touch, Apple mentioned. The operative process can also assemble the device according to the user, Apple added.

The patent file also explains about a user tracking process applied for the handy device, which states the production of a current signal upon holding the electronic handy device.


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