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Google Unveils Body Browser Service

Google’s innovative ‘Body Browser’ project is identical in its service to that of Google Earth, but aids the person to survey his anatomy, in contrast to exploring various cities of the world. The Body Browser task has been transformed into a complete three-dimensional model of the human body, in a demonstration given by the company.

The PC World reports that the Body Browser works only on WebGL platform, that are presently accessible in Google’s Chrome and Firefox’s beta version. The company explains that by using this Body Browser service, the users are able to investigate about the tissue as well as muscle coatings of the body, can enlarge them and rotate and thus enable the users to learn anatomy by simply clicking the mouse.

Google had already declared the development of its ‘Google Health’ service in February 2009, which indicates the record and history of ailments and provides other health related information to the users. The ‘Google Health’ automatically repossesses the data from pressure and blood sugar sensors, pacemakers, and other equipment that have been fixed to the body of the patients.


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