USB210 Kit Converts Sensor Output to USB Output

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, marketed by the Australia-based Metromatics, has released an innovative USB210 kit, which transforms the prevailing sensing output to USB output. This novel Futek kit does not require power supply, analogue amplifier, and display, and carries out rapid and economical platform integration set up.

The plug-and-play functionality of theUSB210 kit facilitates the consumers to observe the sensor output on PC or laptop, avoiding thermal fluctuations, power necessity and noise distractions. The USB software from Futek is provided along with the kit for live sensor output evaluation.

The transformation of analogue output to digital mode is easy and is widely deployed on all torque sensors, pressure sensors,load cells, and force sensors. The sampling rate can be modified to about 1KHz.

Metromatics reports that since the transformation of analogue to digital readings occurs within the USB210 Kit, the consumers can utilize the mV/V output values for the sensor, based on requirement.


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