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Fairchild’s USB Transceiver and USB Accessory Detection for Mobile Designs

Mobile applications use the USB as universal interface. Ever since its inception, the USB port has undergone development as a data-only portal at the initial stage on to a technique that enables for factory programming, file transfers, music listening and battery-charging. Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the USB accessory detection switch (micro-USB switch FSA9280A) and the USB transceiver (FUSB2500) for bringing in functional improvements in mobile designs without the need for increase in power and space in mobile designs or resorting to complex designs.

Fairchild’s expertise in the signal path domain has resulted in introducing design advantages for the mobile space through the FSA9280A and FUSB2500.

The FSA9280A has integrated the USB IP and a MOSFET in a single IC resulting in space savings, elimination of a minimum of five extra components, reduced bill of material expenses. It can automatically detect accessories and configure the correct path for every accessory. It is capable of detecting every charger and accessory in the market. It also incorporates many reserve resistors for accommodating new accessories like audio docks, glucometers and e-frames. An integrated charger in the FUSB2500 permits detection without extra component count.

The FSA9280A has high audio fidelity that was obtained by leveraging the audio and signal expertise of Fairchild. It features very low 0.1% total harmonic distortion (THD) for optimizing the performance. It utilizes enhanced sampling techniques for minimized consumption of power during the standby state, resulting in extension of battery life. It also offers a negative switch capability for audio applications without consuming energy. Competitive solutions in the market require a charge pump for providing such a capability.

Both the FUSB2500 and FSA9280A provide a low power down functionality that places the gadget in standby when functions are not being utilized. The FSA9280A incorporates many in-built protection functions, while the FUSB2500 provides very high ESD protection of 15 kV HBM that exceeds the 2 kV standard.

These design attributes are influential in providing a rich user experience. The FSA9280A permits every form of accessory as well as five future definable accessories, to bring in a complete multi-media experience. It is able to pack data, headset, audio, charging, and various accessory connectivity in a single solution. Both products have a power-saving mode that helps to increase battery life for portable medical, mobile and digital still camera applications.

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