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Farnell Launches Tri-Axis Internal Sensor

Farnell has recently launched the ADIS16405 iSensor. The device is a comprehensive inertial sensing system featuring a tri-axis gyroscope, a tri-axis accelerometer and a tri-axis magnetometer.

The device also incorporates the iMEMS technology with signal conditioning to help maximize performance. The calibration features individual sensors to measure sensitivity, bias, alignment, and linear acceleration also known as gyroscope bias. Each sensor gives precise measurements across a range pf temperature from −40 to +85°C

The magnetometers use an auto-correct feature to provide precise bias performance over temperature. The device provides a  simple and cost-effective means to incorporate multi-axis inertial sensing into industrial systems particularly when compared with the complications and high costs typical of discrete designs.

The motion tests and calibration during production decrease system incorporation  time. The inertial frame alignment is made easy by the stiff orthogonal alignment used in navigation systems. Data is collected at a faster pace with the help of the enhanced SPI interface and design of the register along with better configuration control.

The device is offered in a package similar to that of the ADIS1635x and ADIS1636x devices. The compatible pinout facilitate upgrading to the ADIS16405 needing only firmware changes in order to help more sensors to be used and register map to be updated. The device is space-efficient measuring 23×23× 23mm, at the same time offering a flexible connector interface. This feature allows  numerous choices for mounting.



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