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Innovative Gyro Sensors from Farnell

Farnell is marketing Sensor Technologies’ SAR10 and SAR10H gyro sensors featuring a ButterflyGyro MEMS die and a BiCMOS mixed mode ASIC, enclosed in a SOIC package for automated production processes.

This unique sensor is factory validated and balanced for thermal effects, supplying precise digital output across a wide thermal range. The SAR10 exhibits a temperature of ± 250°/s whereas the SAR10H shows ± 100°/s. The SAR100 is equipped with a ButterflyGyro MEMS die and a BiCMOS ASIC packed in a robust ceramic LCC enclosure for facilitating double-axis surface integration. It is operative under the activation of a butterfly patterned reference motion. The angular rotary motion of the system produces Coriolis forces, in which the frequency is equivalent to the reference motion and whose consequential vibrational amplitude is a component of the angular rotation. The SPI connection allows easy and appropriate transmission within the application and the SAR10/10H/100. The angular rate output data provided is in a 10-bit 2’s complement format having the  highest rate of 2000 samples in each second, according to the company.


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