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Energy Sensors for Research Applications

Coherent has launched a line of energy sensors, the EnergyMax. The meter components are so small they have been incorporated into the sensor cable.

Coherent's Energy Sensors

The range of sensors have RS-232 or USB 2.0 connectivity and can determine average power of vibrating lasers from level of the nano-joule to the multi-joule across wavelengths ranging from the UV to infrared. It can also measure single pulses to 10 kHz. Multiple sensors can be triggered from a single point to obtain synchronous performance. Its instrument interface allows the operator to log laser energy measurement and data and calculate relevant statistics. It has a LabView driver and ASCII host interface that help users to customize software to suit their individual meter measurement needs.

The compact size helps these products to be integrated into instruments and they can be controlled through a host computer. As they can be integrated into instruments, they prove to be cost and space efficient. They are ideal for research applications as standalone units connected to a computer or an automatic data acquisition monitor.


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