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Digital Sensors May Invade Private Space

In an endeavor to further advance their services, companies such as Google and Microsoft have started using high-resolution digital camera equipment to take pictures of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The tiny cameras could be hiding in practically any object people use in their daily lives, such as employee ID cards, mobile phones, motion sensors in video games, airports, subways and many more. Pictures may be taken of people as they even leave their homes for work or play.

Available freely in the market are a plethora of cheap digital cameras, motion sensors and biometric trackers. Affectiva, a Watham, Mass. company some time ago unveiled a biometric wristband that can track minute changes in sweat secretions that can record the wearer’s mood or emotional swings. The device apparently can help psychiatrists understand their patients better. It can also be used to check out customers at shopping malls.

Intel and Microsoft had unveiled a model digital billboard at the recently concluded CES show in Las Vegas. The device cannot only take your picture as you buy a product, but it will remember your face and what products you are loyal to.


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