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Wavefront Sensors to Measure Waves and Lenses

The Shack-Hartmann sensors from Trioptics can measure the wave front and shape of spherical and aspherical lenses in real time up to 1500 ë.

Trioptics's wavefront sensor

The software facilitates Zernike analysis, MTF and PSF calculation, besides analyzing and showing other data. The Reflex Module, which is available as a choice, facilitates measurement of three-dimensional topography.

The accompanying software offers different ways to show and analyze the information collected from the waterfront, including the Zernike analysis, MTF and PSF calculation. Saving and exporting data makes for easy access and use of available measurement and analysis data. Theoretical information can also be downloaded and comparisons made during the measurement process. The solution transmits and receives information via CameraLink or Firewire B with the software.


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