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Research Reaffirms Importance of 8-Band Imagery in Forestry and Agriculture

Contestants who won the Inaugural DigitalGlobe 8-Band Research Challenge have published their research papers proving the benefits of the company’s high-resolution 8-Band Imagery for analytical work based on remote sensing.

The reports were made public at the recently concluded Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India, also explained how the solution can be applied in sectors such as conservation of coral reefs and monitoring agriculture and forestry departments.

Researchers also showed that the solution will help develop precise bathymetry maps (±77cm) across coral reefs situated close to the shore line in Florida, and provide better conservation programs. It will also be used to track invasive unknown plant species more accurately, facilitating better control and eradication programs in Swaziland. It will help develop precise clutter maps with only a ±0.5% error rate for effective wireless network management in South Africa, and delineate at least 10 commercial tree categories across a forest with 90% accuracy. It will also help derive vegetation parameters such as leaf angle, chlorophyll level and brown pigments thus giving crucial details about plant condition and rate of growth for applications in agriculture.


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