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Remote Sensing Resourcesat 2 Ready for Launch

According to a statement issued by officials at the Indian Space Research Organisation, the agency is preparing itself to launch Resourcesat 2, which is a satellite that will remotely observe the earth,

ISRO's Resourcesat 2

This category of satellite routinely relays information in pictorial and other formats to be deployed in various applications. India is a major provider of this type of information to other nations. This satellite will take the place of Resourcesat 1, which had been launched in 2003, and had a lifespan of about five years. This second edition has taken longer to launch.

ISRO spokespersons also stated that the satellite has been transported to the Sriharikota rocket launch centre located about 80km from Chennai in South India, where currently tests are being conducted on it, after which it will be lifted by the agency’s polar satellite vehicle launch (PSLV) in the morning hours on any day between February 20 and 25.

Besides the main satellite,  PSLV will also lift two satellites of smaller sizes developed in Singapore and Russia. Already, India has nine satellites orbiting in space, and this will be the tenth, making India a key player in offering pictures taken in different resolutions.


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