Surface Mounted Current Sensor Ideal for Bridge Networks

Vishay Precision Group recently declared that its Foil Resistors division has launched a high-precision Bulk Metal Foil Power Metal Strip current-detecting resistor that can be surface mounted.

The device is suitable for tightened stability voltage division, accurate current detecting, and pulse applications in switching and linear power supplies, power amplifiers, feedback circuits and in measurement instruments. It is also ideal for bridge networks, satellites and aerospace systems, besides medical and test equipment. Its stability can be increased by post-production operations applicable to Bulk Metal Foil Technology, including temperature cycling, short-term overload, and accelerated load-life.

Vishay's Current Sensor

The low TCR minimizes faults caused by temperature fluctuations, thus minimizing vague current measurement. The device can tolerate unusual environments such as high temperatures and radiation-rich conditions of down-hole oil exploration and well logging, or deep-sea underwater repeaters in cross-ocean communications.

It has a low thermal electromotive force crucial for DC applications. The welded structure is fabricated from a resistive element having copper terminations that are plated for soldering. This provides ohmic contact with the strip along the resistive element, minimizing temperature variations. The element distributes power equally without causing any hot spots, thus reducing parasitic contact resistance and contact resistance variation for a thermal EMF of less than 3mV/°C.

The device has a four-terminal design for current measurement, and provides a power rating of 3W across a resistance range of 3 to 10m Ù and 2W across 10 to 50m Ù. It complies with MIL-PRF standards (MIL-PRF-55342 and MIL-PRF-49465). It is offered in waffle-pack or tape-and-reel housing, with lead-free and tin/lead alloy terminations.



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