Acoustic Sensors for Music and Video Applications

EoWave has unveiled an USB Eobody3 Sensorbox that is ideal for the music industry. The device is a plug and play system that helps musicians control, monitor, enhance, trigger and modulate sound levels while recording on CDs or videos.

EoWave’s Eobody3 Sensorbox

For musicians and performing artists and consumers looking to install interactive systems, the device will be of great interest. The device helps evolve instruments with integrated sensors, removing the need for external components or central monitoring network.

The system consists of a MIDI output to help control the MIDI hardware with sensors. A computer featuring the Mac compatible Eobody3 Editor software  helps monitor internal parameters to create the signal output waveform settings. The software can be programmed and saved in the device as non-volatile memory. This makes it possible to review and reassess the information stored.

Latency is minimized, while the 32-bit resolution, scale effects and distortion of musical notes, making for a linear translation curve. The device can be directly connected to the USB or via a USB port. A 32-bits IC allows for more pre processing and mappings.


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