Enhanced Video Analytics-Based IP Camera Designs for Video Surveillance

eInfochips has introduced reference designs for IP-enabled cameras, known as the DM365IPNCVA-MT5, incorporating an integrated video analytics daughter card to provide a comprehensive solution.

Integrated Video Analytics Daughter Card

This launch will meet the growing requirement for reference designs for enhanced-video analytics (VA) based IP cameras in the video surveillance sector.  

The high-definition (HD), low-power, and exhaustive reference design developed by eInfochips, a leading digital design services firm, also incorporates the TMS320DM365 IP camera reference design developed by Texas Instruments (TI). The integrated video analytics daughter card, also known as DM6435VA-EIC, executes the TMS320DM6435 DaVinci video processor from TI. Through this operation, the daughter card enables ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics and provides support for the OV Ready analytics protocol, and other software solutions for video analytics.

Ajat Dhawal, eInfochips’ director for sales and business development, said that the video analytics card has been combined with eInfochips’ integration and customization services for reducing the time to market and development expenses for global surveillance and security customers. Dhawal clarified that this intelligence solution has empowered eInfochips with the capability to offer turnkey solutions that would open up new vistas for smart HD cameras in the surveillance industry.

Cyril Clocher, the manager of TI's video business, further elaborated that eInfochips’ DM6435-enabled video analytics daughter card seamlessly plugs into the current DM365-based IP camera reference design of TI, resulting in an advanced, low-cost video analytics based H.264 solution. Clocher added that TI is thrilled that the   DM365IPNCVA-MT5 reference design along with the VA daughter card from eInfochips provides an ideal platform to ODMs and OEMs for developing state-of-the-art, flexible video analytics-based IP camera systems in lesser time.

According to the ObjectVideo VP of Product Management, Bob Cutting, ObjectVideo's analytics have been used to power state-of-the-art camera solutions for global customers.

The DM365IPNCVA-MT5 combines the DM6435-enabled VA daughter card that executes ObjectVideo's intelligent analytics solution and OV Ready with ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics. This video analytics software is able to detect a broad range of events and activities automatically, including abandoned objects, perimeter breaches, loitering, and object removal, for business or surveillance intelligence. Using ObjectVideo’s intelligent analytics library, it is possible to integrate the VA daughter card into any video application, such as digital video recorders (DVR) and IP cameras. Due to an on-board power supply, the daughter card offers low power capabilities inside a small form factor of 61 x 44.5 mm. In addition, the VA card incorporates an on-board secure memory chip, inbuilt memory of 128 MB NAND and 256 MB RAM.  The VA card conducts real-time analytics through an on-board resizer for scaling videos captured from the CMOS sensor in the DM365's main board and also transmits analytics reports such as event reports, alerts, and JPEG images to the main board. With this state-of-the art technology, the DM365IPNCVA-MT5 design will decrease the developer’s ownership costs.

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