Two Companies to Develop Sensors to Monitor Environment

The University of Michigan has launched two new start-ups  called EngXT and Civionics. They will be located at the Venture Accelerator close to the university’s Tech Transfer at the North Campus Research Complex. They will join the Life Magnetics division.

EngXT has been formed on the basis of the research of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences by Professor Nilton Renno on electric-field measurement devices. This research had been done for NASA's recent Mars mission.

The company develops sensors that will monitor and safeguard against electrostatic overstress and electrostatic discharge in devices and production environments. Sensing and controlling static charges from dust and other pollutants costs the industry nearly $10 billion-a-year.

Civionics on the other hand has been formed out of the research carried out by the engineering Professor Jerry Lynch. Its sensor technology will monitor the existing infrastructure, identifying issues in the nascent stage, saving energy with eco-friendly building automation platforms to control lighting, heating and air-conditioning of vacant premises.

This development is one more step taken by the university to offer quality start-up business opportunities for new entrants with an encouraging environment to generate jobs and enhance the economic status of graduate students.


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