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ISSYS Receives U.S Patent for Implantable Sensors

Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS) has declared that it has received US Patent No. 7,860,579 B2 titled ‘Delivery System, Method, and Anchor for Medical Implant Placement’ from the U.S Patent Office.

The new patent embraces the latest methods for using small, batteryless, wireless, implantable sensors anchored in the heart and other organs of human body for non-intrusive observation of cardiovascular biological pressures.

The telemetric sensors are introduced through a catheter tube in an outpatient method. The biologically safe anchor enables stabilization of the sensor inside the heart and the biological pressure of the left atrium is monitored. This task is highly difficult due to the requirements of strict bio-compatibility of the left heart. The sensors can also be positioned by other methods such as minimally invasive and open heart surgeries.

Dr. Nader Najafi, CEO of ISSYS, stated that specific disease targets of their products are cardiovascular problems such as traumatic brain injuries, hydrocephalus and congestive heart failure. He mentioned that their cardiovascular clinical experiments will be commenced in 2011. The company’s patents, expertise and trade strategies cover several areas like MEMS pressure sensors, the complete system, transfer and anchoring of sensors and other medical applications. He added that the company’s newly expanded production facility can manufacture several thousands of the small medical implants every year.



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