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RFID Technology Dominates Dayton’s Industry

RFID technology sees a huge potential for the growth of sensor technology at Dayton, with more than 60 companies working on projects related to RFID technology.

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Robert Zielinski, the commercial marketing director of CDO technologies, observed that 2010 saw almost a dozen firms starting on RFID technology. He added that the majority of the employees were working on RFID technology in various firms.

One of the factors behind this growth could be that bar codes were first used in Dayton and so local companies developed products that supported them. Much analysis is being done to attract more business using RFID technology into Dayton. As per Bill Arnold, an RFID analyst with ABI Research in New York, the fact that Dayton already has a well set business incubator for RFID is bound to attract more business. Arnold expects the global revenue got from this technology to reach 6.2 billion dollars this year and sees an average growth of 12% per year. Use of this technology is becoming a common thing with stores such as Wal-Mart announcing that it would use RFID chips on the tags of jeans and other clothing items.

Rick Bauer, who directs the global RFID program of Avery Dennison, observed that business of RFID tripled from 2009 to 2010. With this being the trend, he predicts doubling or even tripling growth this year as well. Rick Bauer is a member of the Dayton RFID Convergence Center’s advisory board.



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