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Panasonic Introduces Dual Sensor Air-Conditioners

Panasonic has introduced a wide array of air-conditioning systems with dual sensor control. The Middle East markets will significantly benefit from the dual sensor air-conditioning systems, which are an improvement over the existing range.

By incorporating Ecopatrol technology, the dual sensors are capable of detecting human presence within a room and monitoring the temperature of the air-conditioner at energy-efficient standards.

The Ecopatrol technology in the air conditioners detects low level of human activity in the room and automatically cools certain areas of the room. This means less energy is consumed, resulting in increased power savings.

The Ecopatrol technology not only gives information on human activity in a room but also changes the airflow level to suit the level of activity or location. The air conditioners are equipped with an in-built air purifying system. They can be switched on with the touch of a button. When harmful micro-organisms and dust particles in the air reach a maximum level, e-ions are released to cleanse the air and bring the pollution under control.



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