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Tagitron and Rako Security Design Three-Dimensional-RFID-Transponder

Tagitron and Rako Security-Label have entered into a joint venture to develop a new three-dimensional ultra high frequency (UHF) transponder, which would be named Xtreme.

This joint venture has given their long time business relationship a formal outlook. Both the companies draw mutual benefits from this venture. Tagitron leads the market through its ownership of innovative and outstanding development concepts. On the other hand, Rako comes with expertise in manufacturing and production in RFID products such as beverage crates, textiles, wooden pallets and furniture.

TagItron’s new Xtreme RFID tag permits the economical implementation of RFID applications, virtually impossible to effect using conventional UHF designs.

The new tag, Xtreme, makes RFID applications on UHF designs economically viable. The new three-dimensional UHF RFID technology from Tagitron is a product of its collaboration with Felix Schoeller Supply Chain Technologies (SCT) presents the best platform for global approval, since insertion, for instance in a drilled or injection-moulded cavity, can be executed effortlessly and consistently, permitting passing errors. Thorsten Wischnewski, the product manager at Rako explained the simplicity and safety features of the Xtreme tag. He added that Xtreme with its excellent readability and writing features and low cost would surely be appealing to the end-user.

Jan Wendisch, who is the managing director of Flexo-Print, was happy with the joint venture. He saw this as an opportunity that combines the innovation and passion for creating cutting edge technology in the market. He was also of the opinion that Xtreme would benefit the customers greatly.



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