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Nikon Metrology Unveils Multi-Sensor System for Accurate Inspection of Complex Shapes

Nikon Metrology has launched an advanced, high-speed non-contact inspection system, the HN-6060, for accurate inspection of gears and other intricate shapes. In the past, 2D data was captured using tactile gear-inspection equipment.

The advanced inspection technique provides complete measurement details such as waviness data and shape of complex objects in one scan.

Nikon Metrology’s Managing Director, Myles Richard stated that the inspection system delivers a high-speed approach for assessing 3D structure of complex objects using advanced optical technology and high-precision measurement hardware. He further added that the multi-sensor system integrates a variety of 3D solutions and vision systems from Nikon Metrology.

The HN-6060 comes with a variety of features for conducting precise inspection. These include powerful processing software, efficient laser scan, sturdy design and 5-axis coordinated hardware control. The inspection system has several hardware components such as appliance housings, gear teeth, turbine blades and others.

The 5-axes synchronized control in the HN-6060 enables maximum part orientation to the sensor system and can determine the portion from varied angles. The easy-to-use software in the multi-sensor system is compatible with the measurement hardware and ensures safe operation.


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