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Apple White iPhone Features Modified Camera and Proximity Sensor

Apple has rolled out a new version of iPhone. A few images of the phone revealed a modified camera lens and a proximity sensor.

Additional information about the phone was gathered from Twitter posts, which mentioned a difference in the amount of light between the black and the new white iPhone models. In addition, the back-facing camera lens in the white model is positioned farther back when compared to the black iPhone.

white iphone 4 proximity sensors

There seems to be some changes in the inbuilt proximity sensor. However the nature of change is not yet clear. In the white iPhone 4, the front cover contains a more prominent slit for the proximity sensor. Modifications in the new version were made to prevent the leakage of light, which was reported in the prototype versions of the smart phone.

The delay related to the release of the new version may likely be due to the light leakage caused from the semi-transparent glass case as well as problems with the proximity sensor.

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak confirmed that there were some issues with pictures taken from the earlier versions of Apple iPhone. Pictures taken from the iPhone were not very clear and appeared like they were taken through cellophane paper. The new version is about 0.2 mm thicker than its black counterpart.


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