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Cabrio Top-Load Washer and Dryer Senses Laundry Loads

The latest Cabrio high-efficiency (HE) top-load washer and dryer recently launched by the Whirpool brand features various intelligent 6th Sense technologies for sensing laundry loads and accordingly adjusts the washing cycles.

Whirlpool Cabrio 5.0 cu. ft. HE Top Load Washer

This laundry pair is able to wash three laundry baskets in a single load, offering consumers better cleaning and efficiency.

An Eco Monitor tool is incorporated in both the washer and the dryer, which offers instant rating information to customers, with the rating ranging from good to best. This information describes the extent to which their cycle choices are eco-friendly depending on the cycle selection. By activating the EcoBoost action of the washer, consumers will be able to further increase the resource efficiency through the adjustment of mechanical energy and water temperatures for cleaning the garments thoroughly in the most efficient manner. The Eco Normal Cycle feature in the dryer utilizes lesser energy than the normal cycle in a traditional dryer when combined with a Cabrio washer.

Exact quantity of additives and detergent can be dispensed accurately at the right time through the Precision Dispense Plus system in the Cabrio laundry pair for ensuring enhanced fabric care. Sensors are used by the temperature management system in the washer for optimizing and controlling the temperature of water, adapting to every load and making sure that the additives and detergents are functioning at optimal levels.

Enhanced electronic controls featured in the dryer empowers the machine in sensing how quickly the load is drying as well as adjusting the temperature for optimizing the performance and stop the cycle automatically once the clothes dry up.

The Cabrio pair that is ENERGY STAR qualified has exceeded the existing CEE Tier III specifications and is likely to comply with the 2011 Tier III requirements The CEE tier system was developed on the basis of the qualified product listings of the Consortium for Energy.

The Cabrio washer incorporates the H2Low wash system that senses automatically the size of every load for delivering improved gentleness and cleaning performance than a customary top-load washer, thereby enabling consumers to save water easily. This helps such Cabrio HE washers to use 76% less energy and 76% less water, resulting in savings exceeding $1,300 in lifetime energy and water expenses, as well as saving to the extent 80 gallons of water in a week.


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