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APiX Chromogenic Technology for Detection of Protein Microarrays

Proteomics discovery tools expert, Gentel Biosciences, has introduced an advanced, extremely sensitive chromogenic technology called the APiX View Detection Kits.

APiX Chromogenic Technology

The APiX View can be used for the detection of microarrays of protein. which includes reverse phase protein arrays such as Protein Biotechnologies’ SomaPlex arrays.

According to Gentel Biosciences’ CEO and President, Alex Vodenlich, the APiX View Detection Kits has expanded the applications of APiX technology to encompass tumor lysate arrays on porous surfaces of nitrocellulose apart from protein and antibody arrays on glass slides, respectively. The APiX View from Gentel Biosciences can be used for detecting any commercial microarray of proteins.

The APiX View detects a biotinylated molecule by producing grey to black spots. These spots can be seen with the naked eye and scanned using the Gentel Proteomics Multi-System. The APiX View can also be used with different types of secondary antibodies such as an anti-rabbit and anti-mouse. Compared to fluorescence detection, the APiX View utilizes a gold-catalyzed silver deposition and enables improved sensitivity.

According to Protein Biotechnologies’ CEO and President, Phillip Schwartz, the Gentel Proteomics Multi-System is suitable for customers who are looking for simple and cost-effective detection methods with SomaPlex arrays. He added that Gentel’s affordable and easy-to-use kits and system will make the arrays more accessible to new users.

Tumor lysate arrays consist of numerous number of tumor samples on the slide. Antibodies are then applied to the array to identify precise protein biomarkers and quickly measure the expression across a huge number of tumor samples. Finally, the array results are compared to an appropriate clinical tumor collection data specific for each disease to reach a conclusion.

The APiX View Detection Kits can be used with the Gentel Proteomics Multi-System that offers scan-to-analysis function for tumor lysate and antigen arrays, ELISA and tissue imaging, Western blot, and multiplex immunoassays.


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