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Bruker Unveils New D8 Crystallography Systems

Bruker has unveiled an innovative X-ray crystallography system series, which comprises the D8 VENTURE and D8 QUEST during the 2011 Annual ACA Meeting. New detector technology and next-generation X-ray source are included in these systems to provide consistency, high-performance, value and accessibility.

D8 VENTURE will offer all dual wavelengths mixing platform for biological and chemical crystallography and the efficient D8 QUEST is for a single X-ray source structure for chemical crystallography applications.


Both the D8 VENTURE and D8 QUEST are having the latest CMOS-based detector, PHOTON 100 detector for chemical crystallography. This detector signifies the change in area X-ray detector technology regarding detector size, dynamic range, sensitivity, resolution and speed. It is based on research-grade CMOS sensor by 100 cm2 dynamic area, which is four times greater than the usual CCD chips that are employed for X-ray detection. This novel CMOS detector provides significant detection efficiency and reliable low-voltage detector technology. These D8 crystallography systems provide optics options and X-ray source and has the TRIUMPH curved crystal monochromator and the sealed-tube X-ray generators with proven performance, or the long lifetime and outstanding luminosity of the new IìS microfocus X-ray source, which currently has up to 60% high intensity. These new D8 system structures have a new beam path design. This design allows easy placement with the X-ray enclosure doors.

Moreover, the D8 systems proffer the broadest range of established options for goniometer, with ease of the FIXED-CHI and open access or flexibility and definitive performance of the KAPPA geometry. New collision-avoidance program drives new goniometers, depending on the recent robotic trajectory-planning algorithms.



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