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Aptina Introduces MT9D015 Image Sensor for Smartphones

CMOS imaging solutions provider, Aptina, has launched a 2-megapixel (MP) sensor for mobile camera applications. The MT9D015 image sensor is suitable for capturing video and stills in front-facing cameras in smartphones.

Image captured with Aptina MT9D015 (2-megapixel, 1/5-inch image sensor).

Aptina’s 1/5″ size sensor is a compact and cost-effective solution that can capture video at 720p/30fps in high definition. It meets low z-height requirements that allow it to be used in thinner phones. The sensor’s 1.75-µm pixel uses Aptina A-Pix technology that increases low-light sensitivity, improves performance, enhances quantum efficiency and minimizes crosstalk, thus enabling sharp image capture.

The MT9D015 sensor reduces latency and offers better performance for DSC-like image capture. At 30fps, the sensor allows full resolution snapshots and reduces shutter lag. It enables video capture with 720p resolution. As a primary camera, it is suitable for high-definition video capture and enables smooth video recording, while maintaining a full field-of-view. When used as a front-facing camera, the sensor enables a better experience during video chatting.

The single-lane MIPI (CSI-2) can be used by designers to make the sensor compatible with various types of image processors. The one time programmable memory feature allows storage of lens correction information and camera module information. The MT9D015 sensor architecture provides lens shading correction, scaling and defect correction.



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