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DSP Controller-Enabled Global Hybrid TV Tuner for Vestel LCD TVs

The DSP Controller enabled XC5000 RF tuner IC of Xceive, the leader in the global market for RF tuner ICs used in TVs, will be incorporated in a new range of LCD TVs of Vestel, the largest European TV maker.

Xceiver Tuner Chip

This RF tuner is the first and only silicon tuner IC that has been broadly accepted for mainstream production of TVs in the global markets. These TVs are for the European market. It will be first launched in the U.K. and then in Italy, Germany, and other European regions, during 2010 second quarter.

The XC5000 will replace the customary ‘Can’ tuner module used in the new Vestel DVB-T LCD TV range products for the regional markets in Europe. Its smart tuner architecture is controlled by firmware, which helps to fine tune the performance for meeting the specific performance needs of Vestel. The architecture provides consistent performance of the tuner across manufacturing of many units, due to its auto correction techniques, firmware control, and high integration. It has no variable components like variable capacitors or inductors, which are likely to change value over a period of time like in most Can tuner modules. The XC5000-enabled designs depict significant long-term dependability.

The XC5000 is the most integrated TV tuner IC in the world, which has all AGC and intermediate frequency (IF) functions, global multistandard analog demodulator, and a total RF tuner function. It is a genuine global solution that is compatible with every digital and analog TV signal standards. The XC5000 QFN package measures a mere 7x7mm, enabling TV makers to decrease the tuner function side in their TV designs.

The XC5000, the only global type of hybrid TV tuner having a DSP controller on-board as well as a dedicated architecture, delivers global-class tuner performance across all important digital and analog standards in the world. The production TVs incorporated with the XC5000 from Vestel were tested under the worst field conditions for many months. The XC5000 never needs changes in silicon since the fast firmware corrections speed up the time taken for the product to appear in the market.

Xceive’s marketing vice president Brian Mathews informed the choice of the XC5000 by the TV industry leader Vestel shows that it is the best tuner IC system for TV applications.

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