Low Cost 3D Digital MEMS Compass

Baolab Microsystems used its NanoEMS technology to produce a low cost 3D Digital MEMS compass. So far 3D compasses have used technologies like magneto resistive materials or Hall effect structures combined with magnetic fielf concentrators to detect the direction of the earth’s magnetic field.

Now the new 3D Digital NanoCompass made by Baolab Microsystems uses the NanoEMS technology. Here nanoscale Micro Electro Mechanical Systems are use standard high volume CMOS lines and fully integrated analogue and digital electronics.

Dave Doyle, Baolab's CEO said that as the market for 3D Compasses grows for smartphones and other mobile devices, the ASP will be rapidly driven down from around a dollar to 50 cents and lower. He added that allowing for the fixed costs of testing, tape & reel, pick and place, packaging, etc., the only way to hit this target price and still have a margin for profit is to use our NanoEMS technology, as traditional approaches are several times more expensive.

When several devices are integrated onto a single chip to create a multi-sensor device using NanoEMS, the cost savings compared to conventional MEMS become even more significant especially as different sensors require different production processes, unlike NanoEMS as per Mr Doyle.


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