Two Firms Award Orders for Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ Universal Sensor

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, a producer of flexible sensors, has secured two initial orders for its newly introduced universal sensor.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems plans to start production and supply in September 2011. The company’s President, Clark Mower said that the company is happy to secure these two initial orders from firms that plan to radically expand utilization of the universal sensors in their products and business applications, he said. The company anticipates more orders from these clients as well as from other companies, he added.

These initial orders are proof of the performance of this newly designed sensor and built-in housing that is based on the patented Bend Sensor technology for multi-seat associated applications. Mower stated that at present, the company has product sales with 13 different firms on several seat sensor products for industries ranging from theater seats to automobile as well as trucking and emergency vehicles.

Mower further said that previously, the company required to design and tailor the style and size of the senor based on requirements of individual clients. By devising the universal casing and sensor system, the company now has a single product for numerous applications, he said. The sensor products enable the company to manufacture in bulk and store them in order to deliver them quickly to the consumers, he added. Before the end of September 2011, the company will join hands with a new marketing partner to gear up the sale of the universal sensor, he concluded.


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