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New Sensor Tackles Posture and Back Pain

A new sensor may monitor your posture, sort of like an electronic granny who wants you to stand up straight. Developed by Lumoback the sensors and app is for people suffering from back pain and related injuries.

CEO Monisha Perkash said that back pain and back-related injuries cost the U.S. $50 billion a year. And minor adjustments in posture can make a big difference in keeping us out of the medicine cabinet and away from the doctor’s waiting room.

Essentially Lumoback will monitor your posture and nudge you when your posture slacks. You will need to stick a small flat sensor on your lower back and install the companion app on your smartphone for the process to work.

The sensor will connect wirelessly to the phone and provide you with a daily progress report as well. You even have a game and social network option with the app just so that you know that there are plenty of people out there who have a pain in the neck or back just as bad as yours.

Monisha Perkash said that they believed that they were at a unique moment in time where we can combine emerging technologies, data and intelligent algorithms to empower each of us to do the little things in life that can dramatically improve our lives.


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