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Ohio Third Frontier Making Crucial Contributions to National Security

The Ohio Third Frontier is combining the rich innovative history of Ohio State with novel technologies to further national security.

For instance, the impact of Ohio Third Frontier can be clearly seen in STAN Solutions. STAN Solutions, in partnership with the Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advance Sensor Technology (IDCAST) and an Israeli firm, is utilizing sophisticated sensor technology for creating a system that enables the U.S. military to track the American forces as well as the enemy, in order to avoid friendly fire accidents.

Both IDCAST and STAN Solutions have benefited from Ohio Third Frontier’s funding. IDCAST was developed with a grant of $28 million to the University of Dayton as well as partner institutions in industry, the military and academia for creating jobs in Ohio.

Some of the other kinds of sensors currently being created by the partners of Ohio Third Frontier include biometric systems meant for real-time fingerprint and facial recognition to combat terrorism and pathogen detections systems for safe-guarding the military from biologic and chemical threats. Research and development work currently being carried out by the partners of IDCAST and IDCAST itself support the requirements of the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as its Sensor Directorate, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The Ohio Third Frontier, ever since its commencement, has capitalized, attracted or formed over 600 firms, has given rise to around 55,000 indirect and direct jobs and has helped generate $6.6 billion to the economy of Ohio.


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