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High Contrast Lumidigm Fingerprint Sensors for Real World Equipments

The multispectral imaging biometrics firm Lumidigm has recently launched its cost-effective and compact Mercury Series fingerprint sensors. The multispectral imaging biometric technology enables fast acquisition of better images under all environmental conditions and for all persons. These sensors use field-tested Lumidigm technology in a dependable platform that has a new form factor and also supports fast transactions using single touch performance.

These new sensors are add-ons to the successful Lumidigm portfolio of Venus sensors, which offers multispectral capabilities for fingerprint applications the world over. The company has made available a Mercury sensor, a complete development kit, integration documentation, and a software development kit. The product data sheet is available for download at

The Mercury fingerprint sensors, namely, the M300 and the M301, are capable of supporting industry interoperability standards, such as ANSI 381, ANSI 378 and MINEX. The easy-to-integrate M300 OEM module caters for high-throughput, high-performance applications, while the elegant desktop sensor M301 is ideal for shared workstation applications.

For real-world applications, these sensors provide 500 dpi high contrast fingerprint images. They provide both RS-232 and USB connectivity rendering easy integration in existing systems. Multiple operational modes can be provided by these sensors for catering for application needs. These modes are template output, identification (1: N), verification (1:1), and image output. Both the ANSI 378 standard templates and the 1: N are interoperable.

The Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lumidigm, Phil Scarfo, informed that the Mercury sensors helps to target flexible form factor-based target applications like medical devices, mobile terminals, enterprise single sign on (ESSO) solutions, attendance and time terminals, and point of sale applications. He added that the new sensor series improves his company’s ability to tackle applications where fast transmission rates, low lower consumption, and reduced form factor are vital. He revealed that the company’s customers were impressed with the specialized advantages of the Lumidigm technology already and demanded an uncompromised biometric performance. He is excited that the new sensors would empower them to increase the ways in which multispectral imaging could be used.


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