EnOcean Alliance to Exhibit Wireless Lighting Control Products

The EnOcean Alliance will highlight the salient aspects of the future lighting system controls for the intelligent building during Lightfair International 2010 in Las Vegas from May 12-14, 2010.

EnOcean Alliance Distech HVAC Control

Some of the state-of-the-art innovative products that will be displayed at this show will feature smarter automation, energy-efficiency and more flexibility.

Battery-less wireless based lighting systems are very useful for commercial buildings and residential property. Intelligent lighting control and the appropriate luminaries will reduce the consumption of power and improve personal comfort. The battery-less wireless technology is establishing new standards for room configuration and planning with the elimination of the requirement to add or reroute new cabling in future retrofits.
In addition to this, the EnOcean-based gadgets can be positioned at convenient places due their easy and speedy removal and relocation abilities.

The Alliance member companies who are showcasing their products at the exhibition are BSC-Magnum, Dimonoff, Illumra, Leviton, EnOcean, Verve Living Systems and Echoflex Solutions. These members will demonstrate how battery-less wireless modules can be effectively integrated into a range of products.

The building solutions will be presented by 20 companies in the alliance, which include LC&D, Osram-Sylvania, Functional Devices, Emerge and Philips Ledalite. The self-powered wireless technology from EnOcean is used by all the exhibitors, which ensures that all the available products are able to interoperate with each other. This technology enables system solutions from various Alliance companies to communicate with each other and collaborate in a single complex building automation system.

Among the highlighted products is the new Dolphin platform. The Dolphin system architecture facilitates the use of self powered and bidirectional wireless actuators and sensors that are capable of transmitting and receiving information, resulting in added convenience, flexibility and safety in buildings.

An occupancy sensor along with residential lighting solutions from Verve Living incorporates premium features at price parity to the wired systems. An occupancy sensing kit will also be shown by Leviton along with other EnOcean-based products from the company. A PC and iPhone-based lighting system’s management solutions from BSC-Magnum will also be displayed. It helps in optimizing the consumption of energy through the intelligent control of energy utilization. A control solution from Dimonoff helps to simplify retrofit projects through the re-utilization of present electrical wires in the form of an extended control network.

Source: http://www.enocean-alliance.org.

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