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TiaLinx Develops Advanced Remote Sensor for Surveillance Applications

TiaLinx has introduced a new, advanced remote sensor called the Eagle5-BH. This sensor is small in size and can be mounted on tripods and robots.

TiaLinx designs advanced and highly integrated antenna and radio arrays for commercial and military applications. The company supplies advanced RF imaging systems by tracking developments in the subsystem and semiconductor design arena with the help of its numerous patents and patent applications. TiaLinx has also received a number of CCP and Phase II awards from government organizations.

TiaLinx’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Fred Mohamadi, informed that the Eagle5-BH is a multi-Gigahertz RF imaging device with the ultra-wideband (UWB) feature. He added that this sensor is superior to the current Ground Penetrating Radar technology since it uses minimum transmitted signals to present the position of a moving object and track it in underground tunnels and passages. It then links this information to a monitoring station in a remote way.

Mohamadi added that the Eagle5-BH is light in weight and does not require any cooling devices. According to him, it is possible to remotely monitor these groups of sensors for lengthy periods of time. Mohamadi concluded that the Eagle5-BH sensor can be used to identify sub-terrestrial movements and are ideal for law enforcement organizations.

The Eagle5-BH monitors motion tracking in building and sites, and detects implanted metal devices in tunnels and other places of conflict. This makes the device ideal for tracking any illegal activities in underground passages.


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