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CAS, Delphin Introduce Latest Version of ADGT Module

CAS DataLoggers and Delphin Technology have launched the ADGT V 3.0 Card for measuring the thermocouple temperature on high potentials, and where measurements requiring high galvanic isolation are essential. It is also suited for making measurements in energized engines and machines.

Delphin ADGT V 3.0 Card

The ADGT V 3.0 Card is an upgrade of the previous module. The card enhances the capabilities of the Delphin ProfiMessage and TopMessage control and data acquisition devices and has several new features in addition to complete specifications of the previous versions. The older version card featured galvanic isolation of 400 VDC/300 VAC from channel to channel. The Version 3.0 card features values of 625 VDC/440 VAC. For ESD protection activation, the new card has a novel clamp for PE connection and in place of mechanical relays it has semiconductor relays.

The data acquisition and control systems from Delphin have the capability to solve various types of control and measurement problems encountered in the laboratory and industrial applications. The systems have various digital and analog input and output modules that are compatible with different signal types such as thermocouples, resistance, 4-20 mA current, voltage and RTDs. The control systems have strong programming capabilities and alarm functions that enable the devices to process the measurements and then commence actions by themselves.

The Delphin TopMessage and ProfiMessage systems are designed for various applications in data acquisition, data logging and testing. The applications include research and development, test engineering and process technology. The Delphin systems can be used as stand-alone devices, as unattended remote data collection devices through the internet and for local logging and data acquisition. These systems have the capability to quickly and reliably process signals from a couple of thermocouples to measurement points running into thousands and spread over many areas.



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