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Ascendent ID Launches Advanced Tag for Automatic Vehicle Identification

Ascendent ID has launched a new, advanced CompacTag for vehicle access control at gated communities, parking facilities and college campuses. The company specializes in long range RFID for Automatic Vehicle Identification. The high-performance CompacTag comes in a small package with an extended tag life.


Ascendent ID’s President, Doug Crane stated that the CompacTag was developed in response to clients’ demand for compact and durable tags. The tag could reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the Automatic Vehicle Identification system. It can be used with all Ascendent ID’s readers, which feature a read-range that can be adjusted and allow the CompacTag to be read from a few feet to 30. To simplify tag management, customers can specify the tag identification numbers and facility code when they place an order.

The tags for Automatic Vehicle Identification are placed inside the windshield by utilizing hook-and-loop fasteners or double-sided tapes for applications requiring a removable mount.

The long-range Automatic Vehicle Identification systems can be used with all types of vehicle access control systems and can also be utilized as a long-range drop-in upgrade for nearby readers and tags. All Ascendent ID reader are delivered with RS232 and Wiegand interfaces standard.

Ascendent ID’s advanced reader-to-tag protocol is supported by readers and tags for accurate control of gate triggering, support of systems featuring anti-passback and elimination of false reads. Tags that have optional security feature can block unauthorized use in case the tag is stolen from the windshield.

The CompacTags can be used in a wide range of applications such as unattended load tracking, weigh scale automation and high security applications. They offer a number of advantages in terms of durability, cost and precise control of read direction and distance.

Ascendent ID’s readers can control numerous multiple gates or lanes, with each lane equipped with its own output to interface with the access control system. The readers can be organized to store numerous authorized tags for standalone operation. They can also provide a gate trigger whenever a tag in the list is read.


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