Kionix Reveals KXTJ2 MEMS Accelerometer with Integrated XAC Sensor

A supplier of MEMS-based inertial sensors for mobile products and consumer electronics, Kionix, a subsidiary company of ROHM, has revealed the KXTJ2, a MEMS accelerometer.

Kionix KXTJ2

The KXTJ2 has a small tri-axis accelerometer measuring only 2 x 2 x 0.9 mm. The high performance, low power sensor device has been optimized for tablets and mobile handsets and has been designed to reduce the required board space and help in developing smaller and more compact designs.

The KXTJ2 integrates the XAC sensor, which provides stability to combinations of reflow, thermal performance and shock. With the XAC sensor, the need for production-line calibration is reduced, and when combined with the KXTJ2, it can open a window of opportunities in the tablet and handset markets.

The Vice President – Engineering at Kionix, Scott Miller stated that Kionix is addressing the customers’ demands for a lower sensor footprint with the new MEMS accelerometer. Miller added that the XAC sensor provides enhanced capabilities at a lower cost and a smaller form.

The features of the KXTJ2 include user-selectable Output Data Rate (ODR), acceleration ranges and resolution at +/-8g, +/-4g or +/-2g along with user-configurable embedded wake-up function. Furthermore, it provides better resolution at lower noise, an internal voltage regulator maintains the internal operating voltages for stable operation, elimination of analog-to-digital converters by integrating an I2C digital serial interface bus and it also offers enhanced 14-bit resolution precision. The accelerometer operates on a DC supply of 1.8V to 3.6V.

The KXTJ2 is available in an LGA, 12-pin plastic packaging. The proprietary Kionix plasma micromachining process has been used in the fabrication of the sense element.


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