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Morey’s Enhanced Fleet Management System for Asset Tracking

Morey Corporation has incorporated considerable improvements to its well-established, telematics-oriented fleet management product, the Rugged TRAX MT-13 that is used by duty fleet operators and owners of the light-to-medium range and Application Service Providers who cater to this market.

Morey On-Board Telematics for Industrial Applications

These improvements include the accelerometer, Garmin Fleet Management interface, idle detection and a backup battery.

The MT-13 has a strong range of standard features like ignition sense, GPS-enabled motion detection, virtual odometer, event management and status monitoring, a maximum of 6 geofences or 10 point polygons, support for the quad band GSM network, programming over the air, Java programming environment, data storing and forwarding when network coverage is not available.

It employs the latest wireless communications  and GPS technology and its sturdy enclosure is designed as per IP65 standards. It is easy to install due to its internal GSM and GPS antennas and its compact design.

The MT-13’s value has been enhanced with the inclusion of an accelerometer by supporting accessible information with more data on events that can be programmed by the users for various different thresholds depending on individual asset use applications. This accelerometer is a 3-axis threshold trigger with the threshold set in gravities or ‘Gs.’ For instance setting the threshold in the trigger for .5 Gs would result in the tripping of the accelerometer whenever any acceleration or deceleration event exceeds .5 Gs in any one of the three axes. Such a capability could be used for the detection and reporting of rapid acceleration/deceleration, crash event and driver behavior.

The Garmin Fleet Management Interface facilitates the development of a total fleet management system along with Garmin portable navigation devices. Likely applications are two-way messaging and dispatch system integration.

The idle detection feature helps in developing applications for reporting no/low speed thresholds over a time period that is configurable. Likely applications are monitoring of fuel efficiency and driver behavior.

Back up power is provided by the backup battery and when there is an outage of the vehicle battery up to 1,000 messages can be sent. The MT-13 also provides low battery indication and voltage monitoring.


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