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Cypress Releases Single-Layer Independent Multitouch Sensor for Low-Cost Smartphones

Cypress Semiconductor, a San Jose- based semiconductor manufacturer, has released a true, single-layer touchscreen sensor with multi-touch capability.

The SLIM (Single-Layer Independent Multitouch) sensor has been designed to deliver advanced touchscreen responsiveness and accuracy. It features a single-layer sensor panel that provides gesture capabilities to inexpensive touchscreen phones, allowing users to perform swipe, drag, flick, pinch, zoom and other multi-finger gestures.

Several low-priced mobile phones do not feature capacitive touchscreens due to the high cost incurred. The new SLIM sensor enables low-cost smartphones and other phones with capacitive touchscreens to include multi-finger gesture capabilities.

The new SLIM sensor is a single-substrate ITO touchscreen sensor, which does not require any insulation bridges or layers. This phenomenally reduces the cost by 40% as well as the module’s thickness. Moreover, it can be directly deposited over the cover glass. Its sensor pattern is capable of eliminating the need for a side-bezel of 2 mm on either side of the end product. This enables the design of borderless display modules, allowing OEMs to provide larger displays without compromising on the phone’s form factor.

The Vice President – UI at Cypress, Dhwani Vyas stated that the SLIM sensor’s greatest advantage is the ability to offer less expensive, yet thinner phones with multi-touch capability. Vyas also added that the SLIM sensor will be available with Cypress’ Gen4 controllers. The Gen4 controller, enabled by the SLIM sensor, will allow for sensor-on-lens configurations that will be laminated directly upon the display without any air gaps or additional shielding.


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