S.Sense Wireless Soil-Moisture Sensor Upgrade from Digital Sun

Digital Sun, Inc., has introduced a novel product, S.Sense Wireless Soil-Moisture Sensor Upgrade, for commercial and residential markets.

S.Sense Wireless Soil-Moisture Sensor

The product offers wireless control based on sensors and uses a revolutionary technology to offer smart irrigation solutions of professional quality.

S.Sense functions like a thermostat in the lawn, as the sensors in the device continually monitor soil moisture and communicate the data with the receiver wirelessly and thus regulate proper water supply to the lawns, helping them remain green and healthy.

Sensor control facilitates better water usage in irrigation applications. Conservation of water is a crucial issue in US regions that experience irregular conditions of drought, which cause increased demand for water and additional expenses.

Irrigation Association's former president Rex Dixon, who is also an industry veteran, states that sensor-dependent control will be seen as the future of smart irrigation practices. Dixon added that new wireless sensors that have been developed by Digital Sun possess the ability to upgrade any currently available controller.

While a timer controls automatic sprinkler systems in conventional irrigation systems, this only ensures that lawns are watered based on a cyclic schedule, regardless of changes occurring in climatic conditions that influence soil function such as sun, humidity, or rain. Such systems result in wastage of large quantities of water as they operate even when watering is not required. S.Sense is regarded as a very effective upgrade for reducing water wastage that occurs during the use of inefficient irrigation systems.

The S.Sense solution is patented and is a wise upgrade to sprinkler systems in use currently. S.Sense incorporates wireless sensors buried in the ground and a receiver to connect to the controller of the automatic sprinkler. Professional-grade wireless products from Digital Sun are user-friendly and anybody can install them in a matter of minutes.

S.Sense is currently available online and can be ordered through www.DigitalSun.com.

Source: www.digitalsun.com

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