Sensorex - Submersible S8000 System to monitor pH in Wastewater

The versatile S8000 Modular pH Sensor Platform from Sensorex is available as a submersion mounted sensor system, reducing measurement costs for open tanks and vessels as part of water and wastewater treatment applications.

S8000 modular pH sensor platform.

Ideal for measurement in wastewater treatment tanks, all of Sensorex’s premium S8000CD pH electrodes are fully submersible. The electrodes are available with rugged mounting hardware with threads to attach standard couplers as well as pipe to protect the cables from chemical attack. The combination of a next-generation flat surface self-cleaning pH sensor with modular mounting hardware and optional electronics delivers precise measurement with reduced maintenance.

Accurate and repeatable pH measurement in water treatment systems helps ensures plant effluent meets local, state and federal water quality standards, protecting water resources, supporting water re-use efforts and helping to avoid costly system or plant shutdowns. Users can purchase only the components they need initially for the versatile S8000 Platform and expand measurement capability over time. The S8000 can even cut the number of spare sensors needed, reducing re-order processing labor and sensor expense.

For submersion applications, the S8000CD can be interfaced to original S653 or S653TC installations utilizing the EA890 mounting interface component. For a new submersion system installation with no ATC or a submersion system with ATC, choose the EA891, EA899, or EA899TC and choose the S853 coax or S855 Multi Conductor cable assembly as required.

The same Sensorex S8000 pH/ORP electrode can also be used for in-line mounting applications to measure pH, HF resistant pH, ORP (REDOX) or low ionic pH. Sensorex’s next-generation double junction ERP technology provides a complex path to protect the reference in the presence of interacting ions such as proteins, silver and sulfides that interact with silver or chloride. High temperature reference gels also protect against thermal breakdown.

Designed for consistent accuracy in harsh environments, the S8000 sensor cartridge features rugged Ryton® (PPS) parts and Viton® seals in a chemically resistant body. Proven flat surface self-cleaning technology means less maintenance throughout the life of the product, especially in turbulent flow.

The S8000 sensor electrode measures a pH range from 0-14 (0-12.3 pH with low Na+ ion error) at a pressure range of 0-100 psig de-rated under temperature. It operates over a temperature range of 0-100°C de-rated under pressure or 0-80°C when mounted in flow cell or 0-70°C with an electronic module. The optional ORP Redox Electrode measures -1000mV to +1000mV. The optional HF resistant pH electrode measures 0-12 pH at 0-50°C. The S8000 platform offers a full line of interface and adapter modules, including with or without solution grounds and automatic temperature compensation.

The S8000 platform is available with optional electronic modules for applications requiring more than a direct electrode output including for a battery powered unity gain amplification (to extend signal distance), for a battery-powered differential amplifier (to solve ground loop issues and extend signal distance) and for a blind two-wire 4-20mA transmitter. A direct electrode output can be easily changed to 4-20mA signal by installing a module between the interface and cap cable. Cap/cables utilize an 8-pin connector and are available in two standard lengths, 10 and 25 feet.

Sensorex has developed the TX100 pH/ORP Transmitter for plant systems requiring more than a blind fixed 4-20mA plug-in output signal module. This device features a full display, zero and span digital calibration, isolated 4-20mA output, ATC capabilities, rangeability and more. It is designed for wall, pipe or panel mount. It is compatible with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other 4-20mA input equipment.


Sensorex was founded in 1972 to manufacture quality sensors for water applications. The company today is a leader in sensor technologies and systems, manufacturing more than 2,000 different sensor packages. Our mission is to provide customers with quality pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, and other specialty sensors as well as a full line of sensor accessories and knowledgeable customer service.

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